Thursday, March 25, 2010

Self-promotion or self-loathing?

All the recent updates to the web site, the addition of social media outlets like this blog and a dreaded Twitter account, have been a precursor to a soon-to-be-mailed series of promotional cards. And while many believe that traditional direct-mail may be dead, it is still a vehicle of promotion. I need to drive new business my way and this is just one more way to let local businesses know that I'm here and I can deliver.

My only nagging reservation is the message itself. I certainly don't want to be known as a 'design whore' or the No Frills of creative development. Do I? The message is simple - "passion, creativity, experience, value". It's that final word that strikes a small twinge of fear in me and questions of whether or not I'm positioning myself to sell my expertise short.

But in truth I am confident I can deliver on all four nouns and in doing so offer a valuable service to every potential client. Hell, I already do it for my existing clients. I think it's just a matter of saying it out load that has me a little wary. I can feel the passion; my creativity has garnered strong results for my clients and the best compliment of all - referrals; I've dedicated more than thirteen years to this industry; and yes - VALUE. My business structure doesn't hinder my passion, creativity or experience, but it certainly allows me to offer those abilities at a better bottom line to my clients when compared to the typical costs associated with larger agencies.

I've done the work, I have the fire and I know I can deliver. And yes - all at a great value.

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